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Policies and Agreements

Registration/Payment Policies:

  • SDG accepts one time or monthly payments (on the first of each month) in the form of post-dated cheques, e-transfer, or cash.

  • A 10% discount will be given to subsequent registrants from the same household.

  • A 5% discount will be given for each additional class a student adds. 

  • Upon completion of registration, I understand that this electronic form serves as a binding contract between myself and SDG.

  • I understand that I am paying for a reserved space in classes or programs that I am registering for (in person in studio or online).

  • I understand I am responsible for the full amount of tuition until I notify SDG administration, in writing, of my or my student’s withdrawal from the class or program. I understand that I will, at this time, either be responsible for the balance owing on the class/program tuition, or receive reimbursement based upon the current cancellation/withdrawal policy of SDG. 

  • I understand that SDG reserves the right to cancel any program or class which does not have sufficient enrollment to support the class, at the discretion of the administration. 


Assumption of Risk

  • I understand that I am enrolling (myself or my child) in a class that involves physical activity. As a result, I understand that injury may be possible. I understand that SDG is not responsible in any manner, for injury that may result from participation in programs that I enroll in.

  • I understand that SDG has taken reasonable measures to decrease the risk of transmission of COVID-19 both between students and staff, but that SDG is not responsible for any risks related to COVID-19 in connection to their services. 

  • By signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I am voluntarily assuming the risk that me and/or my children may be exposed or infected by COVID-19 in attending SDG and that this exposure may result in infection, illness, permanent disability, or death. I am fully aware that attending SDG programs and being present in classes or on the premises carries the risk of COVID-19 transmission which cannot be eliminated despite any and all efforts taken to avoid these risks.

  • In the event of an emergency as deemed by SDG staff, if the contacts provided cannot be reached, I hereby grant SDG permission and authority to arrange for transport of my child to the nearest medical facility, and I agree to be responsible for any and all costs associated with such an event.


Release of Liability

  • I assume any and all liability and responsibility for the registrant of any SDG program (myself, or for my child, or any others under my care or supervision) with respect to any and all activities directly or indirectly associated with dance instruction given either in person in studio or online.

  • SDG is not liable for any valuables or belongings left in the studio unattended and unclaimed. 



  • I hereby consent to allow SDG to take any photographs and/or videos of myself or any student I am registering in SDG programs both in person, in studio, or online.

  • I hereby grant SDG permission to use these photographs or videos of any programs, classes, or performances in promotional advertising.

  • I understand that any and all photographs and videos used will not include any personal identification of the participants.

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