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Behold Your King
A Production for Christmas 2021

This Christmas, Soli Deo Gloria School of Dance and the Arts, a team of young Christian artists, present "Behold Your King", an artistic journey that will take audiences through the Bible, beginning with the perfect creation, traveling through landmark events of both the Old and New Testaments including the fall of man, the arrival of the promised Saviour and Messiah Jesus Christ, to the present day church. This production of approximately 45 minutes includes music, ballet, and spoken word presentations that will uplift and encourage hearts to turn once again to behold our King Jesus!

Touring Information

We are available to share this production with you during the weekends of December 5th to 23rd, Friday evenings through Sunday evenings. Our group consists of 19 performers, age ranging from 5 to 18+. We look forward to being a blessing to you! 

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