SDG Christian Dance Fellowship


The SDG Dance Fellowship exists to create a community of dancers whose mission is to build each other up in their faith, as they pursue dance for the purpose of worshipping God and to proclaim the message of Jesus to the world through touring and performances.

Pictures from our Spring 2021 Recital, The Christmas Chest 2020, and Glorious Day 2021. 

What We Do:

At the heart of our fellowship is outreach and ministry. We take our productions to churches, schools, retirement homes, hospitals, and sometimes even malls and street festivals. At any venue that is open to receive us, we will be faithful to the Lord and present the gospel message of Jesus. 


Our bi-weekly meetings will include short devotionals that are scripture-based and prayer time that will set the foundation of our faith. Then a short ballet class will take place as a warm-up. The rest of the time will be dedicated to learning and rehearsing the choreography that will be used for our performances. Props and costumes are used to aid in storytelling and communicating our message, as well as to make our productions more engaging. Students will learn about stage managing, touring as a team, what goes on behind the scenes, and all of the things that are necessary for a stellar performance! 



In order to join, dancers must faithfully attend every single rehearsal and performance during the period of time that has been set. At the moment, we welcome students from the level of Advanced Beginner and up to join, however, we are willing to make exceptions based on each individual. We welcome dancers from any dance studio! You don’t have to attend SDG! You must, however, be familiar with our statement of faith and agree to the doctrines outlined therein to join, and also schedule an audition with us beforehand. 



Spring Term 2022  Register here no later than March, 31st, 2022.

Saturdays from 1 pm–5 pm

  • Apr. 23

  • Apr. 30

  • May. 14

  • May 28

  • June. 11

  • June 18 (dress rehearsal)

  • June 25 Performance


Students must be available for all of these rehearsals and for touring during our performance window, which is weekends from April 8-17. (exact dates and locations are TBD). 


The cost to join the Winter term in 2022 is $375 (HST included). Payment must be either paid in full by the first meeting (January 15, 2022) or 3 installments of $125 may be made by the 1st meeting of each month in the form of e-transfer to An additional costume fee might be required.

We pray that this will be a blessing to your family!