SDG Student Handbook

As we strive to do all things for the glory of God with our utmost abilities, so that we would reflect the God we serve as well as be a shining light to those around us to see, we expect all students and parents of SDG to abide by the following principles and guidelines:

Student and Parent Conduct

  • All students and parents/guardians/caregivers are expected to behave respectfully and honourably towards other adults and children alike. 

  • We have a zero tolerance policy towards abusive or intimidating speech or behaviour. Abusive behaviour may result in immediate suspension from participation both for parents and student and re-enrollment may not be permitted at the discretion of the directors

  • If the student will not participate in the program/class that she or he is enrolled in, or behaves disruptively towards other participants, she or he will be returned to the parent/caregiver and will be dismissed from the class/program for that class. A clear statement of why this decision was made will be given to the parent/caregiver. It will be the parent/caregiver’s responsibility to assess the problem and take whatever corrective action the parent/caregiver feels is necessary.


Classroom Policies

  • Dancers are expected to arrive 10 minutes before class to allow time for changing, warming up, and using the restroom so class can start on time. 

  • Absentee - please notify our school by email or text message if your child will be absent. 

  • Students must ask for permission from the teacher to leave the classroom.

  • Students should not leave the school premise until parents are on site for pick up. SDG will not be liable for the students once they leave the studio.

  • Students are expected to show honor and respect to instructors and other students in class giving full attention and showing full cooperation at all times. 

  • SDG reserves the right to cancel a class if there aren’t enough students enrolled. The payment will be refunded in full. 

  • SDG reserves the right to change the class the dancer is placed in if the dancer’s skill level does not match the original class. (provided the dancer will be able to attend the new class)

What to Bring to Class

  • Dancers and singers should bring their own water bottles to class so they can stay hydrated.

  • Dancers should also bring their own Bible for pre-class Bible studies.  

  • Dancers also need to bring a notebook and a pencil so they can write down their practicing for the week. 

Dress Code for Dancers

  • No undergarments worn underneath should be showing. 

  • Dancers should wear other clothes over their leotards and tights when going in and out of the studio for modesty purposes. 

  • Dancers should not wear watches or jewelry (stud earrings permitted) during class as they can potentially get in the way of dancing. Dancers should have these items removed before class, and are allowed to put them on after class is finished.

  • No low back or transparent leotards at mid section should be worn.

Uniform for Girls


Intro Ballet

Beginner Ballet & Up

All Contemporary





Pink tanks or cap sleeves. Pink ballet skirts are optional.

Black tanks or cap sleeves. 

Neat ballet bun with hair off the face and neck.

Pink Footed or Convertible Ballet Tights.

Pink full or split sole leather or canvas slippers.

Neat ponytail with hair off the face and neck.

Any solid color with dance shorts being optional.

Black or pink, footless or ballet convertible tights.

Pink spilt sole canvas slippers. Leather is accepted for beginners.

No shoes required. Turners are recommended. 

Uniform for Boys

  • Fitted white t-shirt or tank top, black tights or jazz shorts.

  • Black ballet shoes.

  • Barefoot for contemporary.

Attire for Singers

  • All singers can wear street clothes to class. 

Performance And Recital Policies

  • Students must attend all rehearsals in order to participate in performances and recitals.

  • If students must miss a rehearsal due to conflicting schedules, the teacher must be notified in advance.

  • All classes will learn a dance to perform in our recital; however, if your dancer is 10 years or older and is looking for more performance opportunities, particularly for the purpose of sharing the gospel and ministering to our community, please refer to the SDG Dance Fellowship.

  • Age appropriate costumes will be determined by our instructors. Parents/Guardians will be notified of costume fees.

Parent/Guardian Policies:

  • Parents/Guardians are asked to continually check their email inboxes and the SDG website on a regular basis for important information throughout the season.

  • Parents/Guardians are expected to monitor siblings of the student in the waiting room during classes. 

  • Parents/Guardians are not permitted in the classrooms while classes are in progress in order to minimize distraction. In-class observation week will take place in November.

  • Please notify our school when your dancer will be absent by either email or text message.