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SDG Costume Policy

You may wonder why we choose to rent out the costumes as opposed to having all of the students purchase the costumes. We'd like to take a moment to share our hearts on the reasons for some of the decisions. 


As parents ourselves, we know that extracurriculars and kids' activities are not cheap and costs can add up quickly. Our goal and heart from the beginning have been to keep costume costs as reasonable and affordable as possible, understanding that some families struggle to even pay for classes alone. We are called to be good stewards, resourceful with what the Lord has entrusted to us, and also seeking to help make this as easy as possible for all, rather than just having a model where costumes are very costly for every student, and used only once.


Having been part of other dance schools, the typical dance costumes cost between $70-$120 for one outfit (whether it be custom-made or purchased off a catalogue.) The reality is that fabric and labour to make specific costumes are very costly. In addition, many of our costumes require significant alterations, requiring much time and work, even if purchased off of a catalogue, in order for them to meet our requirements for Godly modesty. As well, kids grow quickly, often costumes purchased at a high price are worn only once. and the need to purchase new costumes every year for every recital can add up to large costs for parents rapidly. 


As a result, we have prayerfully and carefully considered options and solutions to come up with what might benefit the interests of all, trying our utmost to consider the needs of all. We understand that in any situation, there may be many differing opinions and positions, but this is where we feel that the Lord has brought us. In most cases, we have decided to offer the rental of the costumes only, which helps with the cost for each family. We always seek to do our best to find costumes that are versatile, and can be transformed or altered relatively easily and be used again. However, on some occasions, costumes may be very specific to a dance piece and will be only for purchase and not rental. 


More than anything, we want to share our hearts with you all that we are constantly prayerfully and carefully considering what is best for all of our students and the entire school. We understand that everyone may not always agree with the decisions that are made. For those situations, we ask for your understanding, grace, and patience, and that not all of the details behind our decisions may be obviously apparent to everyone. Above all, be in prayer for the school, that in all things and in all decisions, we will always seek one goal only - the glory of God!


If there is anything unclear, please feel free to email us or speak to us.

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