Policies on Covid Regulations

At SDG, we take covid seriously and want to share our position and hearts with you. First, we believe in the full sovereignty of God, and that there is no atom in all of God’s creation behaving outside of His will and His visibility. Second, we believe in the divine protection of our God who is always faithful and always good. The Scriptures promise us God’s protection and we have personally experienced it first hand so many times. Thirdly, we believe God has given us minds to think and to be wise! So with those core and firm beliefs as our operating foundation, we would like to go over some practical items on our covid policies. 


(1) Masks are optional. We believe in the value of facial expression and interpretation of non-verbal communication. We believe strongly in building healthy trusting and thriving relationships with each other, and that seeing one another's faces is a vital element that contributes to this. We believe in the clarity and power of full face to face communication, and want to foster an environment that builds upon these values. 

(2) Because our mask policy is that masks are optional, we are trusting that all of our students will self screen honestly before attending class. If your child feels unwell, has symptoms, or you are suspicious of illness for any reason, please contact us and do not come to class and place others at risk. We are trusting your parental judgement and discernment over your child!