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Erika Ahn

Administrator and Choir Accompanist

About Erika

Aniko grew up in a Hungarian Roman Catholic home, and from the beginning of her life God instilled in her a desire to dance. At a young age she started taking ballet classes and was a part of a Hungarian folk dance group. She continued her love of dance through classes, ballet performances, school plays and musicals, and eventually wound up at the State University of New York at Potsdam to complete her Bachelors in Dance. After graduation she moved to Toronto to be closer to her husband, and continued to pursue performing and teaching dance, but had a worldly vision of dance and performance.

After her husband's uncle preached the gospel on his deathbed to her mother-in-law and her sister, her husband's family came to faith in Christ, and he shared the gospel with her. To her, it seemed like her husband (at the time boyfriend) was just going through a phase. But she convinced herself that if she truly loved him she would give some sympathy to his Bible beliefs and at least go to church. Over the first few months of 2020, God worked in her heart to make her see her sin, her contorted view of the world, but most of all her need for a Saviour. God showed her her wicked heart and the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the cross for her sins. Four months later, she and her husband Patrick were married and then were both baptized at Hope Church Toronto West before another lockdown. In the past year God has shown her that she can use her love of dance to glorify and praise our Lord who gave her the feet to move in the first place. She is so excited to bring her story and experience to SDG and prays that she can help others to recognize that dance can be a form of worship to our God.

Aniko will be teaching musical theatre, tap, and kinderdance at SDG starting in Winter 2023. 

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